Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Lunabread is located at 3144 E 15th Street for dining and take-out from 7am to 2pm, or catering by appointment.

phone: 794.5000


Lunabread is Tulsa's true local prepared foods option. We buy wheat, fruit, nuts, meats, dairy and eggs from local farmers to create unique epicurean delights.  We also offer some vegan and gluten-free foods, better serving those who are paying attention to the source foods that make up the meals that they eat.
Now in our seventh year, Lunabread offers a wide array of options to those who care where their food is grown and prepared.

Menus (rough edit) :

Brunch 2-12-11

3-egg Omelette: build yer own:                                              7.00 +

Meats:  Chorizo, roast beef, shrimp, etc.
        Veggies: onion, peppers, artichoke, shrooms, etc.
        Cheeses: boursin, sharp cheddar, smoke cheddar, etc.

with bread and butter

        Top with red-eye gravy!                                          2.00

Frittata (potato-egg soufflé) serves 2: build yer own     12.50
with bread and butter

Quiche of the Day (Tulsa’s Finest)                                 6.00
with bread and butter

Buckwheat Belgian Waffle (gluten-free)                           6.50
Served with Okie butter and syrup

Pain Perdu de Jour                                                                   6.50
(French Toast of the Day) w/butter and syrup                 

Natchitoches Meat Pie                                                                 4.50
Stewed organic beef-steak with roasted poblanos
baked inside a crisp pastry shell

Braut Rolls                                                                            4.50
Okie-famous swine from Pork ‘n Greens
with Luna’s blend of bold spices
wrapped in a crisp pastry

Organic Breakfast Potatoes side with entrée  1.50
                full order 3.00

Lunch 2-17-11

                                                             Feed me          Stuff Me

BBQ Shrimp Po’ Boy                                           9.00       12.00

Shrimp sautéed in garlic, butter, black pepper and thyme

on french bread dressed with cabbage and housemade mayo          

Curried Chicken Salad Sandwich                            7.50        10.00
     Chicken breast roasted in Luna’s unique spice blend              
     tossed with our mayo, veggies, pecans and dates
     whole wheat, very local sprouts, housemade Creole mustard          

The Primer (Organic Roast Beef Po’ Boy)                 8.00       10.50
     Slow-roasted beast sliced and covered in brown gravy and debris
     on french bread dressed with cabbage and mayo

ABJB                                                                 6.00
     Almond butter, jam and butter toasted on sourdough or whole wheat

Grilled Cheese                                                      7.00  
Local cheeses on sourdough dipped in egg and pan-seared           

Smoked Bird Gumbo                                            9.00
     on organic rice with fresh bread and butter

Tomato Bisque                                                       6.50
     Chef’s favorite recipe, ideal complement to Grilled Cheese

Natchitoches Meat Pie                                               4.50
with Creole mustard

Add cup bisque to any order                                              4.00

Organic Creole Fries            side with entrée      1.50        Large order  3.00